Tractors for Days

So my husband can be a genius (and yes, I’m aware that he reads my blog!), in the fall he took E for an hour or so a couple days one week to ride along with him while he loaded and hauled bails.  He packed up E’s carseat, a snack and a “MarketBook”.  Ever since that day we have gone through countless “MarketBooks” pointing out all the tractors and combines that Dad gets to drive, Mom gets to drive and “me me me”.  We also point out which combines are “Bubba’s”, which semi-trucks are the fastest, which tractors are green like Daddy’s and Grandpa Stew’s and which are red like Bubba’s and Uncle Dennis’.  He also likes to show us the skid-steers that are like Uncle Troy’s and the balers that he figures Daddy should use (at which point we remind him Daddy hates baling!)!


Today it gave me a bit of pleasure (as reading and re-reading these magazines isn’t my favorite activity) to take a pair of scissors to them.  I thought we could create a poster and categorize some of the machinery and work on colours too since everything is “blue” around here! E is his mother’s son.  He likes to organize and categorize too.  His toys are in separated baskets and I don’t have to work at keeping it that way, E does!  He likes his tractors and trucks in one, his farm animals in another, his puzzles in one box and his trains in yet another….(I’m aware I potentially created a monster)!!


So easy!  I cut out tractors, combines, etc and wrote down the categories and E glued and stuck some of them down and coloured the rest of the time.  This project took us over an hour!!! This is truly amazing for us!  We do a lot of activities throughout the day (as well as independent play because I love to see what he gravitates towards and how he figures stuff out on his own, plus I’m well aware that independent play is extremely important!) and this is by far was the longest he has stuck with something other than “reading” the “MarketBooks”.  At lunch when Daddy came home E was so proud to show him our creation!  We taped it up on his blackboard in his room and I’m not really sure if he’ll ever let us take it down!


So if you have a budding little farmer in your house I promise this will be a hit!  (And I’d have to say it’s fairly educational too!) Super Simple my friends and I think it looks great!