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Thank you to all of you have stopped in to check out “A Simple Living”!  Like I said, bear with me while I embark on this incredible learning curve and learn how to format and publish my blooming blog!

Search for “pancakes” to view my latest post and recipe under Nosh! It’s a great Sunday staple in our home, hearty and full of possibilities to customize it to you and your family’s likes!  Pancakes are such an easy way to get little hands involved too….you can’t really screw them up!  My little E likes to dump in the ingredients and help me mix it up.  Once it comes to the cooking part he usually drags his tractors up onto the counter and plays while watching me flip the flapjacks.  Either that or he’s nose deep in a tractor magazine with his daddy!! Boys and their toys!

Enjoy your Sunday!   For us it’s full of pancakes, pulled pork (for supper) and playing outside!

xo Rhea



I am a stay-at-home mom and farmwife who has lived a speedy life in the city and has chosen to slow down and savour the little moments of small-town farm living.

All of my ideas and activities come from a frugal and more simplified home.  In this fast-paced world I want to remember and keep in touch with my roots…getting outside more, baking bread, creating things with my own two hands, spending quality time with the people I love, wanting for less and appreciating far more.

My son has been my awakening and I want to exemplify that it is not “things” that fill the soul but rather memories, lessons, and day-to-day delights…And so I share with you the ways in which I adore “A Simple Living”.